Roche Young Commissions

RYC17 Severin Schwan | Matthew Kaner | Lisa Streich

The Roche Young Commissions programme is an unique collaboration between Roche, LUCERNE FESTIVAL and the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY. Since 2003, Roche has worked with its partners to award regular commissions for new musical works by some of the world’s most important contemporary composers. Now a further expression of the partnership between Roche and LUCERNE FESTIVAL is the Roche Young Commissions.

Every two years, alternating with the ongoing Roche Commissions programme, two young composers will be selected and commissioned to write orchestral works. Working closely with two young conductors, the Roche Young Commissions awardees will have two years to complete their compositions.

Artistic Director Wolfgang Rihm will consult with the young composers in an advisory capacity at various stages of their work. At the end of the project’s first year and as part of the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY, fragments or sections of each new work will be studied and rehearsed with the Orchestra of the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY. These rehearsals will give the composers a unique opportunity to try out different orchestrations and compositional variants with the Academy’s orchestra. The two new works will then be premiered at the following Summer Festival of LUCERNE FESTIVAL.
Beyond the actual awarding of a commission, Roche embraces the interaction by scientists with the composers and their music.

Please find here some more information about the ongoing Roche Young Commissions.