Program 2012


For 2012 the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY has once again created a multifaceted program to equip highly gifted young instrumentalists from around the world with the knowledge and skills they need to perform music of the 20th and 21st centuries. Framing it are two symphony concerts to be conducted by Pierre Boulez and Peter Eötvös, which will juxtapose key works of modernism—Arnold Schoenberg's Expressionist monodrama “Erwartung” and Charles Ives's Fourth Symphony—with more recent compositions by Eötvös, Jonathan Harvey, Tristan Murail, and this year's composer-in-residence, Philippe Manoury. The LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY Orchestra and Pierre Boulez will perform one additional concert, following their stay in Lucerne, in Paris (Salle Pleyel) on 9 September 2012.

The ensemble concert under the direction of the young Spanish conductor Pablo Heras-Casado will feature works by Philippe Manoury and Isabel Mundry as well as “La Chambre aux Échos” by Michael Jarrell—a work that the Ensemble intercontemporain will perform as well during the opening concert for this year's Academy.

The LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY will also break new ground with a music-theater project to be produced in cooperation with the Young series and Theater Basel: Manuel de Falla's opera “Master Peter's Puppet Show”—freely adapted from Cervantes' “Don Quixote”—which is aimed specifically at young listeners and families.

In addition there will be an evening of chamber music, master classes in conducting with Pierre Boulez and Peter Eötvös, the illuminating Forum series—and of course the Open Stage and Spotlight series, in which Academy participants prepare their own concert programs and strive to bridge the gap between various forms and styles of music.


Symphony Concert 12 Sunday, 26 August | 6.30 p.m. | KKL Luzern, Concert Hall
LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY Orchestra Collegium Vocale zu Franziskanern Luzern molto cantabile | IRCAM Paris Peter Eötvös conductor

Tristan Murail (*1947)
Terre d'ombre for Large Orchestra and Electronics
Peter Eötvös (*1944)
Shadows for Flute, Clarinet and Orchestra
Charles Ives (1874–1954)
Symphony No. 4

Modern 3 Saturday, 1 September | 8.00 p.m. | KKL Luzern, Lucerne Hall
LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY Ensemble | Pablo Heras-Casado conductor

Philippe Manoury (*1952)
Strange Ritual for Ensemble
Isabel Mundry (*1963)
Gefächerter Ort for Violin and Ensemble
Michael Jarrell (*1958)
La Chambre aux Échos for Ensemble

Music Theater Program
Saturday, 1 September | Theater Basel
Sunday, 2 September | 2.00 and 2.00 p.m. | KKL Luzern, Lucerne Hall
Monday, 3 September | 10.00 a.m. | KKL Luzern, Lucerne Hall
LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY Ensemble | Soloists | Members of the Luzerner Kantorei | Clement Power conductor | Christine Cyris staging

Manuel de Falla (1876–1946)
El Retablo de Maese Pedro

A coproduction between LUCERNE FESTIVAL and Theater Basel

Modern 4 Wednesday, 5 September | 6.00, 8.00 and 10.00 p.m. | KKL Luzern, Lucerne Hall
Chamber music works of the 20th and 21th centuries

Symphony Concert 22 |  Friday, 7 September | 7.30 p.m. | KKL Luzern, Concert Hall
Sunday, 9 September | 16.00 p.m. | Paris, Salle Pleyel
LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY Orchestra Deborah Polaski soprano | IRCAM Paris | Clement Power conductor

Philippe Manoury (*1952)
Sound and Fury for Large Orchestra
Jonathan Harvey (*1939)
Speakings for Orchestra and Electronics
Arnold Schönberg (1874–1951)
Erwartung, Op. 17