Program 2013

LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY Orchestra | David Robertson |  Cynthia Millar | Messiaen Turangalîla Symphony

Several new works will be heard in the Jubilee Summer of 2013. As the concluding phase of the Composer Project 2011−13, new orchestral works by Benjamin Attahir and Christian Mason are on the program. These were incubated and eveloped throughout a three-year period, in close collaboration with Pierre Boulez and the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY Orchestra. And violinist Carolin Widmann, together with the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY Ensemble, will present the first Swiss performance of a new violin concerto by Dieter Ammann. You can meanwhile look forward to exciting concerts with David Robertson and Pierre Boulez, who has selected “modernist classics” by Webern, Bartók, and Stravinsky alongside his own works. Pablo Heras-Casado, the versatile, rapidly rising star from Spain, will also return to Lucerne following his inspiring debut here last summer.
And to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Academy’s founding, a reunion with numerous former participants is naturally on the agenda. LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY has also been significantly expanding its program of related events. Special introductions to particular works, moderated rehearsals, and master classes for young conductors enable the public to obtain a deeper understanding of the Academy’s work, while the Open Stage and Spotlights concert series, which are autonomously prepared by the students, explore innovative concert formats beyond the traditional boundaries dividing musical styles and genres. Indeed, the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY has always seen itself as an experimental laboratory, preferring revolution over routine – now for a decade and counting!


LUCERNE FESTIVAL 40min 1 | Wednesday, 21 August

LUCERNE FESTIVAL 40min 2 | Friday, 23 August

Jubilee Celebration: 75 Years of LUCERNE FESTIVAL | Sunday, 25 August
LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY Orchestra | Synergy Vocals | David Robertson conductor | Cynthia Millar Ondes Martenot | Peter de Jager and Andrew Zhou Piano

Part I
Giovanni Gabrieli (1557−1612)
Sonata pian e forte 
Claude Vivier (1948−1983)
Siddhartha for Orchestra in Eight Groups 

Part II
Steve Reich (*1936)
The Desert Music for Amplified Voices and Orchestra (chamber version)

Part III
Olivier Messiaen (1908−1992)
Turangalîla Symphony for Piano, Ondes Martenot and Large Orchestra

LUCERNE FESTIVAL 40min 3 | Monday, 26 August

LUCERNE FESTIVAL 40min 5 | Wednesday, 28 August

LUCERNE FESTIVAL 40min 6 | Thursday, 29 August

Moderne 3 | Sunday, 1 September
Students of the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY | JACK Quartet 

Horatiu Radulescu (1942-2008)
String Quartet No. 4, Op. 33
infinite to be cannot be infinite, infinite anti-be could be infinite
World premiere of the version for nine string quartets

LUCERNE FESTIVAL 40min 7 | Sunday, 1 September

Late Night 2 | Sunday, 1 September

Thomas Meadowcroft 
Home Organs for six percussionists
Fritz Hauser (*1953)
As We Are Speaking for four percussionists
Rick Burkhardt (*1970)
Simulcast for two speaking percussionists
Milica Djordjevic (*1984)
Zapis for twelve percussionists (world premiere)

LUCERNE FESTIVAL 40min 8 | Tuesday, 3 September

LUCERNE FESTIVAL 40min 9 | Friday, 6 September

Modern 6 | Saturday, 7 September
LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY Orchestra | South West German Radio Vocal Ensemble | Daniel Cohen conductor (Attahir) | Gergely Madaras conductor (Mason) | Pablo Heras-Casado conductor (Boulez, Ammann) | Carolin Widmann violin | Yeree Suh soprano

Christian Mason (*1984)
Comissioned by LUCERNE FESTIVAL | world premiere
Benjamin Attahir (*1989)
Sawti’l zaman 
Comissioned by LUCERNE FESTIVAL | world premiere
Dieter Ammann (*1962)
unbalanced instability for violin and chamber orchestra
Comissioned by the West German Radio (WDR) and LUCERNE FESTIVAL with the support of Pro Helvetia | territorial premiere
Pierre Boulez (*1925)
Cummings ist der Dichter 
Le Soleil des Eaux 

LUCERNE FESTIVAL 40min 10 | Saturday, 7 September

Symphony Concert 21 | Monday, 9 September
LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY Orchestra South West German Radio Vocal Ensemble Pablo Heras-Casado conductor | Yeree Suh soprano | Attila Fekete tenor

Anton Webern (1883−1945)
Cantata No. 2, Op. 31
Variations for Orchestra, Op. 30
Cantata No. 1, Op. 29
Alban Berg (1885−1935)
Lyric Suite. 3 Pieces (Nos. 2, 3, and 4) for String Orchestra
Luciano Berio (1925−2003)
Corale (su Sequenza VIII) for Violin, Two Horns, and Strings
Igor Stravinsky (1882−1971)
Le Roi des Étoiles
Béla Bartók (1881−1945)
Cantata profana (“The Giant Stags”) for Tenor, Baritone, Mixed Choir and Orchestra, Sz. 94